Novis AreaCare Underlay Hospital Mattress

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Sleeping with the best mattress is a must. This Hospital Mattress Underlay is the best match for the Hospital Matches Overlay. These two together would let the mattress strong and durable. It could also help in lessening the slipping or the unnecessary movement of the mattress. The unnecessary movement of mattress can give irritating experience to the patient. It is important that the mattress could be prevented from slipping because this could also lead to damage of the mattress. So with the combination of these two, this could be avoided. Let the patient sleep without disturbance and irritation with this Hospital Mattress Underlay.

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The quality manufacturers designed the Hospital Mattress Underlay to assure comfort, lasting, security and firmness. Its capacity is 130kg. Do you want more? Well, it is proud to tell you that it is memory foam which has many benefits particularly in supporting back and spine alignment. It is also fire retardant which helpful feature to detect fire. And it is water resistant to avoid spilled water in wetting the mattress. It is also bacteriostatically treated and stitched, welded and taped seams. This is also suitable for any kind of facilities or clinical with any kind of treated patients.