DJMed White Leg Skin Protectors

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Do you usually suffer from bruise because of dry ageing skin or from work? It is one of the common problems of women but you don’t have to worry anymore because here is the Skin Protectors for Legs White. You have to wear this to avoid unwanted bruise, cuts, and sore and other skin trauma. As women aged and working, it is inevitable that the skin becomes more and more sensitive.  So wearing this Skin Protectors for Legs is highly recommended. Even though you are already an aged woman, it does not mean that you don’t have the right anymore to pamper and protect yourself. This product is not just for young women but for all ages of women. This is professionally used in nursing homes but it can also be used at home.

How Beautiful It Is

It has a four way stretch for simple and easy fitting. It also has elastic property to hold the skin protectors in place. It is best to use for physical activity or even while at rest because it offers safeguard to dressings or against trauma. There is also an anti-microbial property of Chitosan Rayon which protects from bacteria which caused odour which is often accompanied with wounds and other skin conditions. It’s made up of Rayon, Nylon, Cotton and Spandex.