Knee Brace Support

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The neoprene knee support brace helps patients experiencing pain due to the following issues; post-operative rehabilitating, ligament trauma, and acute knees issues like, arthritis. The materials used to make this medical device are, a breathable and flexible neoprene rubber. This is to allow comfort and a perfect fit for the wearer. 


The open-patella feature allows unrestricted motion of the patient’s knee.  This design enhances the wearer’s recovery as well as performance.

Also, the open-patella’s design allows movement of the fluid to cover the entire knee. Therefore, this provides you benefits whether you are suffering from, a ligament issue, sprains, strains, or arthritis.  This design is extremely helpful for wearers who want to maintain or regain mobility and movement. 

Additionally, it supports the knee completely and allows free movement of the knee for post-surgery patients who want to gradually develop their mobility.


Degenerative conditions such as arthritis, mostly limit the patients’ physical abilities. For this reason, the knee brace support has adjustable fasteners that can be tightened or loosened to suit the wearer’s size in case of pain and stiffness. 

The neoprene rubber ensures the wearer’s support, ease of movement, and comfort.

The Knee brace support can fit any wearer with a knee circumference between 31cm to 45cm.

The open-patella lessens pain and fatigue.

Neoprene allows perspiration to take place seamlessly because of its breathable material, therefore it can be worn for a long time.