Prosling Disposable Lifter Hoist Sling

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       This useful lifter the Disposable lifter hoist sling, is a disposable lifter with also head control tools. Due to its design, it can be used by a patient and can lift someone by 3 types. First of all from the bed, then from the floor or the chai and finally can be used for patient transporting from one room to another or to the toilet etc. This model carries people up to 205 kilograms.

Product features

This product has plenty of features, which help people to move. First, it has a head support system for patients who have less controlled body movements. The legs and the head of the patient can be supported by the system very strong because of the 3-support strap system that the product have. The handles of the lifter are very visible due the different of colors. Disposable lifter is made from material that gives to the patient more comfort. These materials are non-woven with polypropylene. So don’t care about the bare skin. The Prosling company have the best materials and follow the health standards for your skin. Before you use it read carefully the instructions.  You can find this lifter in 2 sizes. Small and medium which carry about 205 kg.