Yoke Hygiene Lifter Hoist Sling

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Yoke  Hygiene  Lifter  Hoist  Sling


About the product

      This unique carry bag helps people with disabilities or muscular pains to safely transport them to and from the toilet. It allows a steady vertical position of the body with firm support around the trunk as it leaves most of the body uncovered so that the patient can easily wear and remove his clothes during the transport. They offer the user a lot of freedom, thus increasing his / her self-esteem.



      It is simple and easy to carry and helps from transporting patients every day. There are 3 sizes small, medium and large. The large one is for people who are about 300 kg and the other two can use by someone who is 205 kg. It has many other specifications that help you to buy it. You can chose by the depth, the length, the weight and many others. You can use it in your home or in hospital or in other institutions. It can be washed in temperature up to 85°C due to the fabric that is made from. This model does not offer a head support but there is another model that has additional head support. For information you can visit the site of the product.