Yoke Lifter Hoist Sling

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Yoke  Lifter  Hoist  Sling – Prosling

Yoke Lifter, is designed for complete comfort and support of the human body and also with an additional protect to abdomen and thighs. It offers ideal support throughout the body, except for the head.

General Information

It has a great support system for supporting the legs and the body and suits in the most of the lifters that are out on the markets. Users can wash is in the washing machine, about 85°C to clean all the microbes and feel fresh and clean. It is constructed under industry standards and safety.


It is made of polyester, a high strength, waterproof and PVC coated material. The hammock is perforated and allows the body to breathe. The perimeter is also sewn from polyester and guarantees absolute balance. The maximum user weight is about 300 kg. It comes out in three sizes small, medium and large. You can choose your size due to dimensions like width, length, depth and weight. For 300 kg weight you must choose the large one and small or medium for 205 kg. Choose the right one with patience because it must fit 100% after it lift. It is very important for people to feel safe, so be careful about the size. Check the size label inside.