Replacement Pads for Hip Protectors

Replacement Hip Protector Pads

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In a long time of using the Hip Protector Pants, it is inescapable that things will be damaged no matter how careful you are. Your Hip Protector Pants is very durable but since the protector pads is the thing responsible for protecting, it is not a surprise that it could be damaged first than the pants. In case of damaging your Hip Protector Pads, you can have this replacement and no need to buy a new hip protector, just replace the hip protector pads. This is to ensure that you can still use your old Hip Protector even if it has a damaged pad.

Its Importance

These Hip protector pads can be washed in a washing machine at higher temperatures and it is also water proof. It is also nice for Medical Facility use. No matter how active you are in everyday life, wearing these pads could let you feel like there are no protector pads inside. You can’t even feel it even night time. The Biomedical state of Replacement Hip Protector Pads is tested by Collision and Injury Dynamics Inc. (CID), the forensic engineering firm based in El Segundo, CA.  It could easily be slipped into your Hip Protector Pants. It measured 21cm by 15cm.