Seatara Wheelable Folding Shower Commode Chair

Seatara Wheelable Folding Shower Commode Chair

Delivery Australia Wide

Seatara WheelAble Travel Flintstone - is a self-propelled, lightweight and easy to fold seat, waterproof with steering wheel and wheel locking system for easy manoeuvrability, safety and protection. This is a plastic and plastic housing, compact with adjustable footrest and handles bent or raised.


The Seatara WheelAble adjustable footrest is used by residents of different heights. The armrest extends and folds to increase comfort when sitting. The blades are available in different sizes, so they can manoeuvre in tight spaces while sitting in very small and narrow cells.

The wheelchair is delivered with a box of wheels. It has a global business that allows him to take him on the plane. Folding the travel chair is easier and faster, so it can be done in seconds.


Compact and lightweight of only 11.6 kg

Foldable armrest

Supports up to 100 kg

Additional options

Folding toilet and shower for internal use

The side wheels allow them to move while seated and offer incredible manoeuvrability.

The toilet chair is adapted for wheelchairs for all bathrooms

It can be used in a traditional bathroom (47 cm long, 37 cm wide) (18.4 cm high, 14.5 cm wide).

All the components of the product, including the shower seat, the waterproof lightweight family and the upholstery, waterproof.

Folding wheelchair and portable bed

Cover with wheels, designed by the global wheelchair for aviation.

Wheelchair A wheelchair is easily adjustable in size and user needs

Pull the folding armrest to have comfortable seats for a long time.