Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests

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The Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat is designed to help you feel at ease in your toilet. Its features could give you contentment while having a toilet for seniors and disabled for safety and maximizing mobility.


This Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat has safety handles which is an opportunity for the mobility-impaired individuals to have an easy feeling and without worries of accident while on the toilet.

It has arms which is helpful in transferring a patient from the wheelchair to toilet and vice versa. 

It is a common toilet problem to have a low toilet seater, which is why this product is the best for those who wish their toilet is higher.

Installing this as well as using this is very easy for elderly and their caregivers.

It has also smooth surface for easy cleaning using the wet wipes or you can just wash it off.

Fits most of standard-sized toilets.

You can choose from three heights which you want to have a rise – 80mm, 120mm or 160mm. Convenient installation fits over existing toilet seat hinges.