Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser with Armrests by Etac

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If you are a person who has different physical needs, then you need to have this product. This Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser with Armrests can make your life lighter. You can easily adjust the height of this toilet seat raiser in any way you want. You just have to choose in three different height which is suited for you.  You can have low (60mm), medium (100mm), or the maximum adaptability which is high (150mm). So if you are one of those people with reduced mobility in your hips or knee joints, this is the best buy for you because it reduces pressure on the joints as you gently forward angle when seated.

 What is more it offers?

It also has a tiltable seat and detachable armrests which is good if you have limited space in your bathroom. You can also fold up and away the arm and you can also position it in a folding down position if you needed extra security. The Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser with Armrests toilet seat has soft moulded surfaces designed to feel comfortable against the skin and avoid any scratching due to seams. It is not also difficult to clean the bowl because both seat and lid can be folded upwards and also detachable. For your added security, the seat is designed to stay in the upright position to avoid falling. Also mounting this product from your toilet is as easy as opening a jar, you don’t need any tools because it is simply attached to hinge points of your toilet seat. Moreover, it can support any person which is as heavy as 150 kilogram.