Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser by Etac

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A lot of people have a problem in everyday toilet; they are just shy to admit it. But they don’t have to murmur anymore while having a toilet time wishing that the toilet would be a little higher because here is now the Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser. Also, for those people with special physical needs, this would be of great help. Those who can’t adjust with the standard height of a toilet and is with limited mobility. You can easily adjust the height to low (60 mm), medium (100mm) or high (140 mm), whatever your choice is. This is also best for a bathroom that is not so spacious. This Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser can also blend to your bathroom because it has same texture and color with your toilet and bathroom.

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Don’t bother if you are a heavy person because this can cater a person to a maximum of 150 kilograms. You can also easily detach the seat which is a plus feature since everybody is concerned with how to clean it. Of course, everybody likes to have a toilet with a clean bowl. Moreover, mounting this item is not a problem. You can just use your bare hands; it does not require any tool, which is how easy it is. It is also comfortable in your skin because of its soft moulded surfaces.