Etac Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Riser with Brackets

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If you have someone living with you who are elderly, disabled, and delicate and have had post-surgery, this useful Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser product is best for them. We know it has not been that easy for them. They are suffering enough. All we could do is to provide help that could contribute to the betterment of their lives. It is always a struggle to have a low-rise toilet not just at home but also in hospitals and clinic. It is fine for those who are in good health, but how about for those in bad shape? Even those in good shape also complain in using toilet with low-rise height, it makes the legs numb in long minutes inside the toilet. Have a try on this product and achieve comfortable toilet time.

Know This Product

Wherever it is intended for, it could be used in medical and clinical facilities and even at home, this could be useful. If you want safety and firmness in your toilet, then you can try this. You can also choose in two different heights 60mm height or 100mm height. In most toilet sizes, this Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser can be applicable. It can bear a person weighing up to 150kg. This is also light in weight, weighing 2kg with the dimension of 10x10x10cm.