Etac Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Riser with Lid and Brackets

Australia Wide Delivery

Toileting is the most important activity in a person’s life. Without satisfaction of the bathroom could distress a person. It could ruin one’s day if you were not happy during the toilet time. There are also people who can’t discharge their waste if the toilet is dirty or if there is uneasy feeling inside the toilet. Well, try the Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid. It is really made to give satisfaction in one’s toilet time. It has a lid which could cease the odour from the toilet bowl after using. To give the user easy seating, a raise in the height is provided by this easy to use Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid.

What to Expect

As a user, you should expect that this product would make you feel self-reliant while having a toilet. You will not complain anymore in using a toilet but you will feel lucky to have a toilet like this. It can carry a maximum weight of 150kg. Its raise is available from 60mm or 100mm height. It can also be fitted to any kind of toilet that you have. You can either fixed mount or attached it using a bracket. It is also available whether it has or has no arm supports.