Fixed Height Toilet Seat Riser

Australia Wide Delivery

This is not just an ordinary product, but the best product which could make your toiletry activity go smoothly. Its specific trait could make you in awe. The two side plastic brackets with external turning knobs are attached securely to the seat. This is an assurance that the user could not hesitate of its security because this product could assure you that you are 100% secured and far from accidents.

Another Best Feature

Another special trait of this Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser is that it is stain and odour resistant. This feature is the most superb and important because that is what is always considered by the user since this product could also be wonderfully used temporarily and also for travel. It would be troublesome in your part if you are bringing with you in travel, a toilet seat raiser that has a foul odour. So if you are planning to travel but too choosy in toilet bowl, you better have this. You could be confident in using this even if you are weighty because it can handle as much as 130kg. Its structure is porcelain which could give the user a wonderful feeling because it is smooth to use.