Etac Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board

Australia Wide Delivery

The board of sturdily constructed fiberglass aids diminished mobility users to self-reliant and safety transfer from a wheel chair to the toilet. If the patient has to be moved from bed to a wheelchair or shower chair, this Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board is a big help. Also, if the patient is from a travel and has to be moved from a car or to a wheelchair or commode, this can be used. Its length is 69cm and can carry up to 150kg.

For Patient’s Safety

The safety of the patients in transferring from one place to another is a common worry of the carer as well as the family of the patient. But with this Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board, throw your doubts. It has a cut out design which of big help to avoid moving out of the patient during transfers. It also has non-slip pads underneath the board which can be hold firmly to avoid slipping out of place. The patient/user can be slide easily from the wheelchair onto the toilet because of the very smooth top surface. But if it is hard to detach the patient from the board, the patient or user can stay on the Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board while using the toilet, which is the ultimate purpose of the cut out design. It can simply be cleaned using disinfectant or soap. Both the carer and patient could feel the stability of the product, hence they be confident and secured in using it.