Etac EasyTurn Soft Swivel Cushion

Australia wide delivery

This soft Swivel Cushions which is made by Etac industry, reduces the rotary power you need to exercise in the bowl to get out of your car. The seat base is non-slip, for easy rotation. It is made by high density foam. It is very useful and especially help people to entry and exit in the car, limiting their effort. The cover is washed by hand. It can also be used in your office chair if you work for many hours.


More Characteristics

The soft swivel cushion it is very easy to use it and very portable. That help people to take it wherever they want. Except of it is suitable to support turning in and out of a car, undefined bed or chair, it is also helpful for those who want to slide from one position to another easily. It has also straps and handles for finding the best position. The diameter of the product is about 45cm and made up from polyester and nylon so it is easy to clean. The maximum weight that someone can have is 150 kilos about 330 livres. Feel free to use it in your work area or in your cars.