Etac Patient Transfer Slide Sheet

Australia Wide Delivery

The Nylon Glide Hospital Slide Sheet makes it simple for the carrying staff to turn and put in bed the patients who are heavy. This product can be used not just in hospitals but also in school and homes where accidents are unpredictable.

How can it be of help

It has a low friction fabric which slides the patients without hassle– special feature which reduces the risk in preventing damage to the skin of the patients or in any parts where irritation is inevitable. So the patients will not hesitate of skin damage if there is fast movement in transferring them from one place to another. It has a snap buttons in the corners which could make possible the attachment of a lifting sling in connecting the two slides sheets. Don’t doubt on your safety in using this Hospital Slide Sheet because these two sheets have handles which could hold them together firmly. It is also easy to slide the sling between the two layers before connecting the sling to the hoist. Its regular size is 80x170 cm but it is also available in large size which measures 120x150cm. It can also carry patients not more than 300kg.