Support Transfer Belt By Etac

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Special belt for Patient transmission and pacing zone. This useful product helps people who have taken care of the patient to easily lift it and transport them.  It is also an appropriate aid for training and walking guidance. The belt is tied in the middle of the patient and the caregiver lifts it from the special handles. This product is made by etac company. It is durable enhanced and has a safe construction.

More Details

The support transfer belt has got also handles which is placer diagonally and with that way help the people who help the patient to take care more about the safety and the comfort of the patient. It is very helpful and useful for those patients who are starting to stand up in their legs or want to sit down in the chair. It support patient from walking or to transfer between two rooms, or from bed to wheel chair etc. You can feel safe and comfortable using this useful product from etac because the belt has also inside a non-slip material. You can surf to the etac website for more information and details about the support belt for walking guidance.