Transfer & Turner Aid

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Transfer and Turner Aid

The different kinds of patients depend on their kind of illness. Things are invented to give relief to the patients. We have Turner Transfer Aid which is made for patients who can handle their own weight when standing. This device is also a big support to the health worker or carer in carrying or transferring the patients securely. It is as easy as placing the patients’ foot on the device. It has a dimension of 30x70x20 cm weighing 18kg.

The Step by Step Process

The patient can have a standing position with the help of this device, first by grasping the handles. Then the patient will put their feet on a dependable, non-slip footplate, and will pull themselves up. There is a soft knee pad which assists and stabilises the patient while on a standing position. It can also swivel by the carer to direct the patient towards the new seat or wheelchair. This device contributes well to patients’ mobility and self-reliance while the carers can perform his job ergonomically by keeping his eye to the patient.