Spill Proof Female Urinal Bottle

Australia wide delivery

This bottle is the most intelligent, practical and decent solution not only for people with mobility problems but also for those who travel frequently, or the nature of work does not make it easy, such as taxi drivers. Is very useful tool for every woman. It has an anatomical spout, which allows every woman to use it anywhere and without difficulty.  The spout is made of synthetic material (ABS) and has a length of 8cm. Diameter (top): 6cm (bottom): 4cm.  The safety plug seals the air inlet – watertight, so it prevents any kind of leaks.  It is a safety bottle, which is used easily from any woman, even if she has a mobility problem.


      The most times, public toilets are not accessible, but women who care to have it can urinate unnoticed. It has a special mouthpiece, suitable for every female anatomy and is safe for your health because it has hypoallergenic specifications. You must clean and wash in daily basis with water and soap.  It is also made by Stain-resistant plastic, which lets you see when the bottle is full. Holds up to 32 oz, which means that, contains near to 1 liter. Females can use it in seating position or standing. You does not carry about it position. The urinal will not escape out of the bottle. Do not care about it. Finally it is very light and has a removable handle.