Spill Proof Male Urinal Bottle

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The male urinary incontinence often treated with incontinence pads. An alternative and discreet solution to dealing with urinary incontinence urinary traps or also named spill proof male urinal bottle, which help improve your quality of life with regard to incontinence pads. The spill proof male urinal bottle offers total water tightness minimizing the risk of leakage.

Product Information

The urinal bottle, is made of 100% Polypropylene (plastic), non-toxic, high strength and durability, white and of course hypoallergenic. Therefore, you can use it without hesitation. The safety cap is waterproof and does not allows leaks. It has also an ergonomic carry handle for an easier use in its movement. The urine collection container has a capacity of 1 liter or 32 oz and it contains a volumetric gradient. It is designed with a conical shape, which prevent the urine to leak outside the bottle.

This container is used over the patients actually as well as by people whose jobs are such that they have no pleasure to go to the toilet. It is a very useful tool for your travels. It is constructed in such way that it works better when the user is in a seating position. It is a non-heavy device that help many people stay clean and feel fresh. Do not forget to empty it and clean it in a regular base. Males only use it.