DJMed White Arm Skin Protectors

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The sleep coolers give you the high level of technical protection needed to focus on your gender, not on your equipment. 120 miles by bicycle, because the demand is not only the legs, the cold arms of the structure super cool to protect it from overheating, and has a second structure of the skin, which allows a rapid absorption of moisture. The compact silicone pads provide a comfortable shape with a full range of motion. C 50 SPF Protection and ventilation of networks SLAC6 threshold cooling system against strong wind, sun and the constant vibration of private capital in the upper heads. They are sold in pairs: ideal for running and cycling.


Material: 98% nylon, 2% spandex. Suitable for young adults (15 ")

High quality the fabric is soft and light and quickly absorbs perspiration / moisture, so let it cool. The most important body of all places to sleep. Flat stitching stitches: Seamless seams that allow flexible movement

Print technology improves muscle recovery and reduces fatigue and pain. Cool-o Technology Keep your hands cool and it's easy to protect your hands: more than 50 sunscreens, 99% UV protection, so you do not have to worry about sun damage.

Anti-odour and anti-itch - Removes nails from the skin and dries quickly. Comfortable even with prolonged use. Proportional compression technology - Firmly supports your muscles and provides more forearm protection and reduction.

Golf, basketball mills, baseball / volleyball / cricket, running / racer / runner / marathon, weightlifting, sports, cycling / Motorcycles, Training / cross-training, hunting, tennis, hiking / trekking, volleyball / badminton, driver active truck, those in the sun, all activities that are necessary to refresh hands, increase muscle productivity and gain speed.