Arm Sling

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When one’s arm or shoulder is injured, an arm sling is mostly used for a quicker and less painful recovery. Unlike others, this arm sling has been fitted with an adjustable strap that fits to enhance comfortability even as the wearer seeks to recover from an injury.


This sling has a wide and woolen strap that gives the wearer ease of weight. This wide strap giving more comfort to the wearer even as the patient seeks to recover, evenly distributes the weight of the arm.

The sling is also designed to an adjustable fit that reduces the shoulder or arm pain. This in turn allows for a better and faster recovery to the injury.

The improved weight of the sling allows an affected person to wear the sling comfortably for several hours without straining. The sling is also designed to support both the right and left arms.


With this arm sling design, straining is reduced even when the sling is worn for several hours.

The arm sling is black. With this unique color design, many sling wearers would prefer this choice for reasons as tidiness. This design will be less stained compared to bright-colored ones

Supports up to slightly above 100kg and fitting to 6 feet.