Adjustable Back Rest

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Adjustable angle backrest provides the upper human body part with adequate support for patients who are seated in bed. They are used in specific chairs to give extra support to the users.


The Adjustable angle back rest has 5 distinct angles which are easily adjustable. The angles are achieved by moving the aluminum bar, which slots firmly into the five groves for firm, safe and non-slip to support the upper body. These angles are varied from a slight elevation to a full upright sitting position. They provide maximum comfort to the patient especially in several situations like mealtime, when watching the television, when reading and also while reclining in bed.

They also come with a breathable blue nylon flexible mesh. This mesh allows air circulation to avoid uncomfortable heat buildup. They equally provide balanced support to the back. They are easy to wash.


The adjustable angle back rest are sturdy yet lightweight. They have about 25mm highly polished aluminum tube construction, which makes them durable. They have different positions.

They also have flat folds that make them have easy and convenient storage. They are designed for specific chairs. The adjustable angle back rest have a dimensions of 70 cm x 56 cm x 61cm width, height and depth respectively.  They are hold a capacity of up to 110kg. They have a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.