Bassett Lumbar Support Frame

Australia Wide Delivery

The Bassett Lumbar Support Frame has just been designed to prevent backache, headaches, and shoulder pain among other problems related to posture.

With this Support Frame, you get to improvise and customize any seat to be able to suit just the right posture that you need.


Has a strong and well-built frame support that can accommodate different shapes and body sizes. Has a flexible support frame that can be used on almost several seat designs for appropriate body posture.

Designed with fabric straps to enhance easy tightening and untightening; it is also designed with a fleece covering to enhance comfortability of the user.


It is portable. It can easily be transferred from one place to another. It is also multi-purpose. It can be used on several seat designs such as those of; offices in computer data entry work, cars for driving long hours, for homes in study chairs, for hospitals in use of wheelchairs

It is washable. The Lumbar Support Frame has a woolen covering that makes it easy to clean.

The Bassett Frame provides for options from which one is able to choose, for instance whether one needs a frame with a washable cover or not.