BetterLiving Lumbar Support Cushion

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These back cushions are the best solution for extra spine support. The lumbar cushion offers a speedy way to maintain an upright and appropriate posture. People suffering from herniated disc or sciatica are best suited to use the lumbar cushion. Excessive use is cautioned because the back may fall into a habit of slouching after prolonged use.


The design is of modest size to fit easily most regular size totes. The cushion comes with a dark blue exterior that is washable. It is also lightweight for portability and use on the road.

The design keeps the user’s hips and shoulders in a perfect upright position aligned with the spine for neutrality while seated. This model is most suited for car seats where poor postures strain the body.

The model comes with elastic straps for quick installation and removal.


The cushion adjusts for any height to meet the personal needs of most people.

The exterior cover with a zipper is easily removable for easy cleaning. Velco straps allow attachment by wrapping around any seat back.

The raised sides act as a cradle to aid find comfort for the center of the back. The user can derive maximum comfort from this cushion using it correctly.