Compression Stockings – Black, Class I

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Compression socks are worn to prevent swelling and enhance blood circulation. They are commonly worn after surgery to prevent blood clotting and enhance healing of muscles and tendons cut in the procedure. Compression stockings cover from toes to below the knee, which is enough to control blood flow throughout the body. Swelling is commonly cause by improper blood flow, either because of ruptured blood vessels or low pressure from the heart. Compression stockings provide uniform pressure on the whole leg hence enhancing blood circulation.


The stockings leave the toes open and extend to the knees. The material is elastic for easy fitting; also, there are different sizes for children and adults. The different fittings ensure the compression stockings are not too tight to interfere with blood circulation and not too loose to compromise on its function. Black Class1 compression stockings help with aching and swollen legs. Usually, they are worn after vain to prevent a relapse of the condition.

The stockings offer a moderate compression of 15-21mm Hg. The compression level is uniform on the calf, foot, and leg. The stockings reduce risk of Edema.


The stockings are suitable for ambulatory patients. The high quality medical grade offer sequential compression and decompression. The fabric is latex free.