Compression Stockings – Black, Class I

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Medical compression stockings class I are of high quality and they are mainly for leg pressure care garment that helps to improve blood circulation. They also provide personal comfort. These medical compression stockings are perfect for ailments such as, varicosis, oedema tendencies, post-operative swelling, ulcer recovery, post vein operations and sclerotherapy, varicosis in pregnancy and prevention of deep vein thrombosis. To avoid minor leg swells and discomfort, it is highly recommended that you use the medical compression stockings.

Class I medical stockings should be put on when one wakes up. During the day, the legs swell and become tired because of the daily activities and the stocking becomes hard to fit perfectly.


Medical compression stockings class I are designed for low pressure, they are open toed. They are knee high. Stockings in class I support pressure of between 15 to 21 mm Hg.


Medical compression stockings class I have silicone enhanced strips that prevents them from slipping off your leg. They have a graduated compression. They are a great companion when travelling. They are perfect for times when one is standing or sitting for a long period. They are designed for comfort and enhancement of leg health.