Compression Stockings – Class II

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Compression Stockings are medical stockings that aid in circulation of blood in ones legs all the way to the body. They help reduce the probability of blood clots developing, which may result to strokes and other health complications. Medical compression stockings help in promotion of blood circulation and reduce pressure on the veins for blood that tends to pool in the lower part of the legs, which can come about during activity or when at rest. They are also highly effective to pregnant women.


Compression stockings are of high quality. Compression stockings class II provides medium pressure with open toe. They are between 23 – 32mm Hg. Compression stockings should bunch up around the user’s ankle. The user has to make sure the stocking in place at the top to avoid wrinkles on the stocking so that it is smooth all the way up for better performance.


Compression stockings have an open toe design. They are knee high and designed for medical purposes. Compression stockings are easy to wear. They have an opaque look. Compression stockings have different fitting thus, before buying one should refer to the sizing chart tab. Compression stockings are suitable for both men and women.