BetterLiving Donut Cushion Dual Layer

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The dual layer ring cushion is designed specifically to give the lower back support. It gives comfort to the lower back and the tailbone with cushioning that is perfectly pressured. It is invaluable product for coccyx, hemorrhoid, and tailbone relief. The dual layer ring is mainly used on seating for support of all lumbar ailments or coccyx ailments and conditions. This product has a double layer of foam rubber for genuine support.


 The dual layer ring cushion has a stretchy and waterproof cover. It has an open cavity at the center. It is double layered. It has a latex foam, which is waterproof. This product is easy to clean. The dual layer ring cushion has a one-year warranty and can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 110kg. The dimensions are W: 35cm x L: 40cm x H: 8cm. The Center hole is: 15cm x 8cm


The dual layer ring cushion is mainly for clinical and medical setup. Many physiotherapists and practitioners highly recommend for their patients to use the ring cushioning during recovery because it provides natural pain relief. It also promotes speedy recovery. They are manufactured to correct pressure that is required for lumbar support.