Convoluted Single Layer Ring Cushion

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The convoluted Single Layer Ring Cushion is an essential equipment to enhance recovery by providing support to the body. It has the ability to conform to the contours of the body while keeping a firm position for support. The material used is tough on the inside and soft on the exterior to adjust according to the pressure levels. This means it can accommodate different weights, shapes and sizes.


This model weighs 110 kg and measures 18”x80mm. The design is usable by patients of different weight ranges because of its unique ability to readjust and bounce back even after long periods of use.

The exterior cover is attractive and removable for washing.


The convoluted ring cushion is made from one-piece convoluted foam rubber that is waterproof and puncture proof. The material is strong enough to suspend affected areas.

The unique central cavity helps to spread the pressure evenly to avoid pressure points while sitting. It is able to withstand heavy loads bearing pressure and provide the desired comfort.

The product is ideal for post natal and post-operative use. Other common users who find it extremely users and patients suffering from hip bursitis, coccyx or prostrate inflammation, hemorrhoids, among other painful conditions.