Waterproof Donut Cushion Dual Layer

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Waterproof Donut Cushion Dual Layer

Ring cushion with double layer foam is an invaluable cushion mainly for patients who are recovering from tailbone, coccyx, or lower back pains. It is the perfect companion that helps in taking all the pressure from swollen, inflamed and painful lumbar ailments. The dual layer ring cushion is highly recommended by physicians as it invaluable tool that helps in the natural healing process.


 The ring cushion is  designed to ease pressure on the tailboard while seated. The dual layer helps in adding lumbar comfort. This foam rubber fits any individual that has maximum weight of up to 110kg.

The ring cushion is placed on the chair in the office, at home, car, and even the kitchen chair.

The ring cushion is user-friendly tool that helps the individuals have maximum comfort at the same time reduce or relief from reoccurring ailments or when from surgery.


The donut cushion dual layer has a one year warranty, supports a maximum weight capacity of 110kg, it stretches and has a waterproof cover, dual foam layer that adds lumbar comfort. It has a donut shape, which has a central open cavity. The cushion is made of puncture proof latex foam, which is a rubber.

Dimensions are W: 35cm x L:40cm x H: 8cm. the center hole is 15cm x 8cm