DJMed Bunion Protector & Toe Spacer

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Soft gel toe separator with bunion protection aids in prevention of soreness and rubbing for bunions and other pressure conditions. This bunion protector is comfortable as it secures the toe separators with bunion cushion shield. This bunion separator is also used to help the major toe have a more natural alignment. They can be used in case of blisters, calluses, and toe overlap.


The toe spacer placed between the toes aid in aligning the toes in a comfortable and a more straight position and at the same time prevents them from friction. This friction is among the many causes of soreness between your toes. Bacteria’s thrive in damp areas so to maintain a healthy environment in your foot, it is highly recommended, to all users of bunion protector and toe spacers, to make sure their toes are dry before using them.


The toe spacer with bunion protection has soft gel. This gel is a closed cell gel that creates a healthy healing environment that does not absorb or create room for bacteria breeding or multiplication. 

They have a double toe loop that gives extra stability to the bunion pad.  This stability makes them perfect for a very active lifestyle.

For convenience at least 2 pairs, two for each foot, are required.