DJMed Gel Toe Spacers

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DJMed Gel Toe Spacers help in aligning toes and protecting the area between toes. People with overlapping or uneven toe line will find the spacers useful. They are easy to fit. The first impression of these toe spacers is discomfort concerning slipping off the toe while walking or in bed, which is not true. The toe spacers are fitted with loops that hold on to the side toes depending on the positioning. They can be placed in every space to reduce pressure in joints hence straightening the toe. The main aim of DJMed Gel Toe Spacers is reducing friction that builds from rubbing between toes.


Soft gel technology is the basis of the toe spacers design. The hygienic and light mechanism aims at relieving pressure on toes. The cushions and padding on the toe spacers ensures gentle and effective separation of toes to achieve various medical goals. Spandex gel on the cover of these spacers ensure smooth interaction between the medical tool and skin on side of a toe. Toe spacers can easily be fixed in affected toenails.


The gel toe spacers are available in various sizes; 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large. The cushions are well balanced in padding to avoid wide separation of toes, which can strain muscles and cause more pain. The slim and soft toe spacers can be hand washed in mild soap.