DJMed Metatarsal Open Toe Sleeve Pads

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Running, hiking, and other activities often expose the metatarsals to damage. Pressure from rigorous movement of feet and weight exerted on the kegs causes friction on this part of the leg. Prolonged friction on metatarsals leads to sore development and ulceration on feet. Pain is the least of your worries when the metatarsals are exposed to such a harsh environment and adverse conditions. The pain is excruciating; this is why DJMed Metatarsal Open Toe Sleeve Pads are essential. The cushions are customized to provide comfort and protection to your feet while engaging in exercise or athletics.

The pads are preventive and curative.


Most part of the sleeves is made of soft medical grade gel, which ensures extra protection as well as comfort. The pads fit perfectly on the metatarsals. There is no extra fabric or padding to cover the legs; it only targets the metatarsals. It is easy to wear because of the elastic material. It automatically adjusts to foot size hence universal use. The cover is perforated for free airflow, which prevents odor and bacteria. The sleeves can fit in any type of footwear.


Universal sizing

Hand washable preferably with warm soapy water

Latex free