DJMed Metatarsal Pads – Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions

DJMed Metatarsal Pads – Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions

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Metatarsal is prone to damage because of exposure to hard and rough surfaces. While the legs bear body pressure, most of the weight goes to this part. Any time a person is reaching out to something beyond their height or sprinting, this part of the leg is exposed to damage. Pain and discomfort in this body part is common in people of all ages; children and adults are all susceptible to pain and damage on their metatarsals. Other than waiting to experience the excruciating pain and limit your movement. DJMed Metatarsal Pads – Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions prevent such pain and inconveniences because of metatarsal damage.


It is a hard gel pad and cushion placed on the metatarsal. The pad is fitted with a ring that helps in holding it in place. Typically, the ring is fitted over a second toe. There are varied sizes, which come in 2 pairs. The size of metatarsal pads is slim enough to fit in most shoes; it easily fits in hiking shoes, high heels, sport shoes, and work shoes. It guarantees all day comfort.


Latex free

Easily hand washable, preferably with warm soapy water