DJMed Toe Bunion Pads

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The bunion is also a risk area on the foot. Rigorous exercises that involve sprinting, especially on hard surfaces can cause damage on the big toe. While there is no better place to damage on the foot, the bunion area is more painful. The bunion is essential for flexibility in movement, most of foot functions including exerting pressure on gas pedal while driving is dependent on this part. Dependence on the bunion on daily activities with regards to movement attributes to its susceptibility to damage from friction among other causes. DJMed Toe Bunion Pads help in protecting this area.


Two toe loops help in holding the bunion cover in position hence flexibility in movement. The loops also allow flexibility in footwear choice. Looping on the large and second toes guarantee comfort and reliability; there is no need to keep adjusting the bunion pads every time. The loops make it easy and quick to wear hence suitable for a busy lifestyle. Ventilation on the sides allows free air circulation to prevent odor hence healthy toes.

The pads offer elevation on the bunion area to reduce friction and pressure. Prolonged friction and uneven pressure on the bunion causes foot pain and functional disability.


Double toe loops


2 pairs