DJMed Toe Separators With Loop

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Overlapping toes can be unpleasant in the cosmetic world. While it is not a medical issue, there are effects of such toes. People with such conditions are limited on choice of footwear; wearing designer shoes can be challenging because of space issues. It is often tedious to find the right type and fit of shoes because of uneven space between stores and shoes. Forcing such kind of toes in a shoe can cause more damage with respect to sores and ulcers on the skin. DJMed Toe Separators With Loop helps to address toe alignment issues.


The loop is made of soft gel to relief and handling of sores and blisters caused by friction. Overlapping toes experience friction due to constant rubbing. Also, the toes are likely to be invaded with bacteria because of inadequate airflow hence accumulation of moisture that often leads to odor. Therefore, DJMed Toe Separators With Loop not only offer relief from painful pressure but also ensure tidiness of toes. The loop ensures firm hold of the separator and uniform spacing hence alignment of toes.


Comes in pairs; small, large, and medium

Available in various colors

Latex free hence free from skin reactions