DJMed Toe Tip Tube Protector

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The DJMed Toe Tip Tube Protector is a fabric that’s soft and also elastic, that is lined with gel to protect the wearer’s toes.


The DJMed Toe Tip Tube Protector is available in three sizes. There is a small, medium and a large size. The small one has dimensions of 0.6 by 2.8 centimeters and inches of 1.5cm by 7 cm.

The Large device is 1cm by 2.8cm and Inches of 2.5cm by 7cm. The smallest size has the following dimensions; 0.8 by 2.8 centimeters and inches of 2cm by 7cm.


DJMed toe tip protectors inhibit and relieve calluses, corns, blisters, ingrown toe nails and other conditions that come as a result of friction or pressure. It ensures a wearer’s comfort throughout the day.

Toe tip tube protectors play the role of a shock absorber and a barrier, by ensuring toes do not rub against each other. The gel interior safeguards the toe together the toe tip from uneasiness that is as a result of pressure and friction. The outer fabric is soft to touch, elastic, and discreet.

In general, it protects toes from friction and pressure that comes with shoes or sandals, and many other current circumstances that may need a gentle and soft toe cover.