DJMed Toe Tubes – Tubular Toe Protector Set

DJMed Toe Tubes – Tubular Toe Protector Set

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Hammertoe, ingrown toenails, and corns are common toe conditions among people of all ages and gender. The toe conditions are characterized by pain and unpleasant look. While some people opt for pedicure to cater for toe related conditions, the technique is not preventive. It is effective but will come only after experiencing pain. The results of such techniques may not also be lasting; this is where the tubular toe protector set comes in. The toe tubes are easy to wear; they function both within and without footwear.


The fabric is soft and elastic. Most of the exterior is covered with spandex, which makes it friendly to sensitive skin. The fabric is stripped to prevent it slipping off the toes. The manufacturer offers different sizes for children and adults. The length of toe tubes also vary widely. The spandex silky gel allows free airflow to prevent accumulation of moisture that leads to odor. The elastic material is tough but easy to cut; the length can be adjusted to individual preference. Wearing the toe tubes is easy and quick.



Warm hand wash is recommended

Soft silky gel interior

The set includes 2 small, 2 medium, and 1 large