DjMed Two Toe Bunion Pads

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The DjMed two toe Bunion Pads is a foot care tool with two toe bunion cover and it comes with a split Hallux Valgus. The complete package encompasses 4 pieces, which is 2 pairs.


The split hallux valgus raises the part that surrounds the bunion, and this lessens friction and surface pressure from footwear to the bunion.  Consequently, the split hallux valgus in the DjMed two toe bunion pad is able to provide a lining for feet’s comfort. The hallux valgus split eases friction and pressure applied on the bunion.

Two toe loops assist to clench in place the bunion cover between the huge and second toes, in a protected and comfortable position. The DjMed two toe bunion is designed in a way to allow sufficient circulation of air to promote healthy feet for the patient.


The DJMed two toe bunion Pad is made with the bunion pad, and it neither breeds not absorbs any bacteria and this ensures proper hygienic conditions for a fast recovery process. Also, it has a closed cell gel which helps to keep the wound secured. Double toe loop enhances the bunion cover’s stability, and this makes it great choice for wearers with a busy schedule. The spacer between toes keeps them in a comfortable and straight position, and also safeguards the bunion.