Finger Contracture Cushion

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The finger contracture cushion is convenient for people who are going through different hand therapy types. Why they are suitable for use is because they can assist in reducing a patient’s finger and hand movement. Finger contracture cushions are made to serve more people regardless of their hand sizes. There are two flexible sizes of the finger contracture cushion.


Finger contracture cushion can be easily washed using a machine.  This guarantees that hygiene is well taken care of, and that this device can be used for a longer time by the patient. The finger contracture cushion is made using a terry cloth exterior that is quite an absorbent material. It keeps the finger dry by absorbing moisture. It has a plush microfiber filling for hygiene and comfort. The reason for the dark blue color of this terry cloth is covering any stains after prolonged use. The non-latex strap helps to keep the cushion’s shape intact.


·                     The finger contracture can seamlessly fit both hands of the patient

·                     It is suitable regardless of the size of a patient’s hand

·                     Has a plush microfiber interior

Dimensions for the Large and Regular sizes are as follows:

Large Size: 13 cm x 10 cm

Regular Size: 13 cm x 8 cm