Hand & Finger Contracture Kit

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Hand contracture and IV pulling are common issues in both hospital and home care. Treatment and management of such issues is a huge task for caregivers. Such patients not only interfere with drug administration but are also susceptible to physical damage. While caregivers should always keep an eye on patients suffering from nerve problems and excess energy including hand contracture, they cannot be watched throughout. Looking away for few seconds can result in significant damage. The hand and finger contracture kit enables patients to take care of themselves; patient care is also more effective and efficient with this kit.


The kit is a collection of tools necessary for restricting access and enhancing comfortability of patients with hand contractions. Standard tools in a hand and finger contracture kit include palm protector, contracture cone, contracture grip, contracture cone with finger operators, and contracture cushion. A palm shield is also part of the tools in this kit.


The hand and finger contracture kit is a metal box. The interior is designed with compartments for keeping various tools to help in managing finger and hand contractions. While it contains several tools, the kit is light hence highly portable.