Healwell Wrist & Hand Soft Splint

Healwell Wrist & Hand Soft Splint

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The Healwell Wrist & Hand Soft Splint is designed to restrict movement for quick recovery. The best way to deal with hand fractures and joint dislocations is maintain a given position for as long as possible as the ligaments regrow and reposition. The splint takes care of the whole hand; from the elbow to the wrist. It ensures the hand moves uniformly; it allows flexibility to certain levels. The hand and wrist can move as a whole but not the joints. The splint also helps with finger contractions. The trick is minimizing movement hence quick and effective recovery of the affected area.


The hand and wrist splint is made of reusable plastic on the base, which prevents physical shock and any external damage. The tough plastic is not only for support but also stability of the hand. Moreover, it guarantees durability of the splint. The splint can be used continuously for an extended time without compromising on its effectiveness with respect to hand recovery.

The plastic is surrounded with soft foam for comfort.


Adjustable padded straps

Easily removable and washable cover

Palmar rolls for flexibility on different hand and finger contracture conditions

Water absorbent cover material