Antibacterial Heel Protectors

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The heel is a sensitive area and susceptible to damage. How a person walks and type of places they step on exerts pressure on heels, which affect the skin and ligaments in this area. Damage on heels cannot be assumed; when this part is paining, walking becomes an issue. Everyone is prone to damage on this part of the leg. While treatment is easy, it is better to prevent than wait to experience the pain. Besides physical causes, moist environment is breeding ground for bacteria. If you keep in shoes all day, you are likely to damage your heel hence importance of heel protectors.


The primary function of this antibacterial heel protector is to reduce pressure in this area and prevent skin shearing. Long exposure of the heel to adverse conditions that include hard surfaces causes painful sores and ulcers that can be avoided with this padding.

The heel protectors come in pairs. It is advisable to wear two every time. They are breathable and treated to prevent accumulation of bacteria and odor.


The heel protectors are soft and comfortable. They are available in various colors and sizes. They are both hand washable and machine washable.