Heel Elevation Cushion

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The elevation cushion is perfect for wound prevention. People with existing wounds can also use this as a recovery option. The extra cushion and fiber attributes to its effectiveness. Most people are never keen on heel health until the condition worsens and they have to live in pain for months. Wearing this heel elevation cushion on a regular basis ensures your heel is free from shock and adverse conditions including rough surfaces. The cushion not only protects the heel but also balances pressure on this part of the leg. Moreover, it ensures a clean and bacteria free environment by allowing free airflow.


The base is a soft foam block that ensures your heel balances. The foam block has a tough covering to protect the heel from adverse environmental conditions. The block has a soft interior for extra comfort. The fabric is also breathable; free airflow ensures the heel is clean hence free from bacteria. Most of the fabric including the block cover is removable and washable. The cushion is fitted with double straps for fastening and adjustment to fit different foot sizes.

Key features

Fluffy and soft adjustable Velcro strap

Soft and comfortable for easy elevation while in bed