Intensive Care – Heel Protectors

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Intensive Care - Heel Protectors is a great option if you are looking for intensive care. The manufacturer’s focus is on quality and durability. The experience with this type of heel protectors is incredible. Has lots of fiber and cushioning for balanced pressure on heels. It is considered the best for recovery. Apart from protection from physical damage, the fabric is breathable hence anti-bacterial effect. Moisture and lack of free airflow on the heel is a breeding ground for bacterial that causes odors. It is both a preventive and curative technique; people with existing heel related conditions can also benefit from the heel protectors.


Intensive Care - Heel Protectors have a slippery exterior that allows free movement in bed. The heel protectors are fitted with Velcro strap for adjustment purposes; the strap helps to hold the protector in position. The heel protectors, which come in a pair are treated with antibacterial formula for a clean and odor free environment.

The design is unique; it is easy to wear, just like lip-flops. The design also makes it universal; both children and adults with different foot sizes can use the heel protectors.



Extra thick

Fire retardant

Hand and machine washable