Silicone Fiber Heel Protectors

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Silicone fiber heel protectors designed for comfort. Heels are susceptible to physical damage from shock and uneven environment that interferes with skin hence need for protection. Every one irrespective of age and gender is prone to damage on heels because of consistent movement both indoors and outdoors. The extra cushioning and fiber on the heel protectors not only protect the heel from damage but also offer comfort.


Unlike other products in this category, the silicone heel protectors have fiber to enhance protection. The fact that there is an extra layer around the heel guarantees extra protection and comfort. It is simple to wear these silicone protectors because they are fitted with straps. They extend beyond heel protection to cover ankles. The fiber has breathable cover that allows free movement of air on the skin. Free airflow prevents bacteria hence odorless experience.

The heel protectors are cylindrical meaning they are suitable for any foot size. The design also helps in maintaining shape of the heel protectors.


The cover is machine washable

Suitable for old and geriatric patients

Extra fiber on the lower part for heel padding

Straps for adjustments

Silicone coated fiber reduces friction

Sold as a pair