High Cut – Heel Protectors

High Cut – Heel Protectors

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The high cut heel protectors are unique tools to help sustain the integrity of your skin around your heels. They keep your feet safe from broken skin conditions that may lead to further deterioration. If left unattended, the condition may accelerate to ulcerations.


The high cut heel protectors are made of quality fabric that is breathable and durable. The material is anti-bacterial treated to keep you safe from bacterial growth and odors. The material is a combination of high-density foam and soft form to offer maximum comfort.

The heel protectors are sold as a pair. They come in two color options (Navy or white) to blend with clothing and in only one adjustable size that can fit various foot sizes using the straps.


The fabric used is high quality and breathable for optimum aeration. Since the feet are known to easily sweat, the heel protector is designed with a sanitized formula for breath-ability. The feature helps to reduce perspiration and fight offensive odors and growth of bacteria.

It has two Velcro adjustable straps to allow flexibility for enhanced comfort. One strap supports the base of the foot while the other supports the ankle to keep it in perfect position.