High Seat Head Support Pillow

High Seat Head Support Pillow

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The high seat head support pillow is built for enhanced neck support especially for drivers. It is also useful for patients with chronic medical conditions such as weak muscle control around the neck area. Extreme cases include total disability and frailty. They therefore, help to keep the head upright for long hours without straining.


The high seat head support pillow has a perfect design for travel car support. It is commonly used by drivers who need a comfortable upright position. The cushion is made from both tough and soft memory foam making it possible to react fast pressure and offer instant relief and comfort.

The design includes a proper head support designed to attach your headrest. It is also usable on wheelchairs, sofas, and car seats.

The design fits perfectly on standard cars. It measures 29cm x 18cm x 10cm and is only 1kg in weight.


The contour shape tapers upwards on each side to hold the head from falling aside. It is however, softened to provide gentle restriction and bounce back to the correct position.

The structural design helps to align and support the head and neck area when using high back wheelchairs for patients and car seats.

The high quality memory foam provides distribution of pressure for long-term comfort.